Animal character design and ecological storytelling

This post applies what I’ve read about in the book Animal Comics: Multispecies storyworlds and graphic narratives edited by David Herman, specifically to character design of animal characters. A combination of reading this book and going to a talk series about animal storytelling at the state library/ Sydney review of books, and then going toContinue reading “Animal character design and ecological storytelling”

Haraway positioning

Donna Haraway’s Staying with the trouble is a thick text, full of different ways of interrogating and exploring the threads of connection and where we fit into the mess of humanity and ecology. Like many environmental humanities scholars and practice led researchers in the ecological arts, I found Staying with the trouble a rich theoreticalContinue reading “Haraway positioning”

Art, activism and cultural change

So basically this post is me wrapping my head around ideas around how artistic practices can help in political and cultural movements. I have always, always hated when people ask “so what’s your theory of change?” Mostly because it sounds like the most wonky crap I’ve ever heard and almost always comes from someone whoContinue reading “Art, activism and cultural change”

The expansion of a moment, millions of years in the making

Swimming over sea grass is one of my favourite things to do. A meadow of sea grass can change direction with such totality with even a small wave. Where I swim most with seagrass, at Bronte Beach on Bidjiagal and Gadigal land, the seagrass meadow is on a shallow, rocky reef which sees decent surfContinue reading “The expansion of a moment, millions of years in the making”

Comics design experiments: Weeks 1-4 Reflections

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing exercises set by Pat to better understand the role of design principles in how to build and analyse comics. So far, we’ve covered the following topics – some with an accompanying comic, others just by look at other’s works. Week 1: Core principles of design and howContinue reading “Comics design experiments: Weeks 1-4 Reflections”

Play in regeneration

Human-fostered ecosystem and biological regeneration is vital and rewarding work. All over the world, people come together to create joy by nourishing the ecosystems around them – planting trees, fertilising the soil from fire, seaweed or compost. They’re even re-introducing lost species and allowing them to regenerate ecosystems to suit their needs. The work ofContinue reading “Play in regeneration”

Rewilding: Preliminary findings

Rewilding is the concept of taking a denuded or human-damaged landscape and reintroducing native plants and animals that used to occupy the land. The reintroduction of beavers to waterways across the UK has transformed the way that water is flowing across the island, and is allowing ecosystems that were previously imperilled to recover. In placesContinue reading “Rewilding: Preliminary findings”