Eav’s portfolio

I work with various media to create art in support of environmental justice.


My comics are all about the way that people and ecosystems are intertwined. Whether that’s fictional explorations of place, collaging items foraged from ecosytems and making my own inks to fulfilling commissions to add joy and spirit to environmental science. They have been shown at by IPCC report authors at COP26 as well as the IUCN’s Rights for Nature conference in Oslo, 2022,

Upcycled art

I have quite a lot of access to excess textile waste (known as deadstock) and timber and so make artwork that supports or takes action for the climate movement. My upcycled works have been showcased at TEDxDarlinghurst and Reverse Garbage and in the Craftivist Collective 2020 yearbook as well as being a Creative Power Awardee and showcased at the Sydney Fringe Festival.

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